the prodigy 'world's on fire' concert film

Remember when electronica was going to take over the world? For you youngins, way back in 1997 everything we knew about music was about to change with the release of The Prodigy’s Fat Of The Land.

While that album was massive — debuted at #1 in the US and sold 2 million copies — it didn’t quite kick off an electronic movement. If anything, it spawned retaliatory rap-rock.

Now, 14 years on, The Prodigy are back with a live album and DVD that wants to finish what they started. World’s On Fire, out May 23, compiles live footage from the Invaders Must Die tour — particularly from their Warrior’s Dance Festival at Milton Keynes Bowl last July.

Having seen Liam, Keith and Maxim at Coachella in 2005, I can attest that they put on one of the loudest, most intense live shows you’ll ever see. Check out the official trailer for a taste:

And here’s the brand new teaser trailer that leaves a little more to the imagination:

The Prodigy have a few overseas festival dates booked this summer, but nothing in the states as of yet. World’s On Fire might be your best chance to get your face melted.

Just for grins, here are “Breathe” from FOTL and “Take Me To The Hospital” from Invaders…  enjoy:


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