magic! epic new clams casino video

Clams Casino? Isn’t that a clam on the half shell with breadcrumbs and bacon?

Why yes, it is — but it’s also the name of New Jersey based producer Michael Volpe, who will release a debut EP, Rainforest, on Tri Angle Records June 27. He’s best known for creating tracks and beats for hip hop artists, but as you’ll see in the video below, the dude can set a mood.

“Gorilla” is wobbly and fuzzed out like so much chillwave, but it’s got a sinister edge that works hilariously well with this Jamey Harley directed montage of David Copperfield’s finest hour:

(via gorillavsbear)

If you want more, and you can’t wait until June, Clams Casino has a free instrumental mixtape that highlights some of his hip hop production work, sans vocals. Thanks stereogum for that one.

Thank God David Copperfield is safe. He takes so many unnecessary risks.


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