watch cat's eyes 'face in the crowd'

The Horrors have confirmed three UK festival dates this summer and are finishing up their third album. In the meantime, frontman Faris Badwan is touring with his new project, Cat’s Eyes.

Paired with classically trained Canadian musician Rachel Zeffira, Badwan gets to show a softer side — if still dark and mysterious.

The duo’s self titled debut was released in the UK last week, but won’t arrive in the states until May 17. Badwan hesitates to call it goth, but it is at times brooding and atmospheric. Take the most recent single “Face In The Crowd”:

However, as a December performance at the Vatican shows, Cat’s Eyes can be beautiful — even emotionally powerful:

While the album version of “I Knew It Was Over” doesn’t quite pack the punch of that performance, there are moments of heartbreaking brilliance like “The Best Person I Know”:

If you want to hear more, look for the free mp3 link on the band’s website for a copy of “Not A Friend.” Nice one, Faris.


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