young galaxy and you say party cover madonna

Paper Bag Records has a late addition to the Record Store Day fray. True Blue is, as you might expect, a compilation of Madonna covers. In fact, it’s a complete, in-sequence recreation of the queen of pop’s 1986 classic of the same name.

You can download it free here if you don’t mind giving up your email, or you can stream it here.

It’s all well done, but there are a couple of highlights. Young Galaxy has one of our favorite releases of 2011 so far, and the Montreal band do a terrific minimalist version of the buoyant smash hit “Open Your Heart”:

Another standout is “Love Makes The World Go Round,” a “deep” cut by You Say Party:

On the subject of You Say Party, some sad news. Seems they’ve called it a day:

“Becky, Derek and I are announcing the immediate cease to activity as YSP. Call it a hiatus. Call it a break. Call it whatever you want.

It’s been a hard year for us. Not a bad year. We’ve experienced wonderful support from people. But you gotta listen to your body and your mind when it begins to revolt against what you think it is you have to do. So we’re gonna stop for a while, and we’re gonna work on who we are as people.

We know that everyone understands exactly why and where we’re coming from. Thanks for the support over the years.”

On that bittersweet note, here’s the rest of the tracklist for the True Blue comp:

  1. Woodhands – Papa Don’t Preach
  2. Young Galaxy – Open Your Heart
  3. The Acorn – White Heat
  4. The Rural Alberta Advantage (We’re Scared Version) – Live To Tell
  5. PS I Love You – Where’s The Party
  6. Winter Gloves – True Blue
  7. Laura Barrett – La Isla Bonita
  8. Born Ruffians – Jimmy Jimmy
  9. You Say Party – Love Makes The World Go Round

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