coachella 2011 in the books – watch full interpol set

The grand dame of American festivals went down over the weekend. By all accounts Coachella was “great success.”

For some nice slideshows and critical analysis, head over to Spin. If you’re more interested in videos — and why wouldn’t you be — the official Coachella youtube page has an archive of some daytime performances. There are a few numbers by Two Door Cinema Club that are worth a look, and this one from !!! (Chk Chk Chk):

Consequence of Sound has a great video roundup featuring The Strokes, DFA 1979, Arcade Fire and Ariel Pink’s on-stage meltdown.

You can’t go wrong with Pitchfork’s Coachella Cliff’s Notes either..  they’ve got some Animal Collective and Kanye, among others.

And we found a rip of Interpol’s full set. Thanks to youtuber hoynosvamosjuntos, you can watch the 11-song set in three parts.. enjoy:


  1. Success
  2. Slow Hands
  3. Say Hello to the Angels
  4. Narc
  5. NYC
  6. Barricade
  7. Evil
  8. Lights
  9. The Heinrich Maneuver
  10. Memory Serves
  11. Obstacle 1

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