the death of the stills

New York via Montreal rock band The Stills have announced their parting of ways.

CoS points out the statement released by the band today. It reads, in part:

“After the better part of a decade together, several months ago we sat down and decided to disband The Stills and part ways. Simply put, The Stills have broken up.

…We spent the better part of the last year trying to keep it going for each other, out of love for one another and out of respect for our long past together. But ultimately, the best decision for each one of us, and in order for each of us to live fully, creatively, and freely, being true to our hearts, this had to happen…

And now our music and what it means rests in your hands. It belongs fully to the world out there, and especially to you. Make it all you wish it to be, in whichever way you most want to.

May your lives be filled with joy and happiness,

The Stills”

Certainly maudlin, but also extremely heartfelt. I remember being blown away by these guys at SXSW during a day show at Emo’s so many years ago. That first album holds up for me, as a desperately-clinging-to-the-past old waver.

While they ultimately strayed from the sound that made me love them so much at first, I’ll pour out a Molson today in their honor.


One thought on “the death of the stills

  1. Jeffro

    I really loved this first album too. I was so confused by their second album, but still found a song or two with the quality hooks that were found all over the first one. I saw them open for Interpol (I think) a few years back, and by then they were almost unrecognizable to a fan of the first album. Either way, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. No one ever seems to get just how great that first album was.

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