beastie boys new track and video trailer

The Beastie Boys return with their 8th album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two on May 8. Yesterday a track from the album, “Make Some Noise,” was leaked, and today the guys uploaded a teaser video to their youtube page.

The song is a throwback to the Money Mark days with a funky keyboard riff and your standard old-school MCing:

Beastie Boys – “Make Some Noise”

The video is evidently a trailer for a 30 minute film that will be released alongside the album. Fight For Your Right – Revisited seems to be kind of a cross between Cannonball Run and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, with every A-list comic actor going portraying a past or future version of Ad-Rock, MCA or Mike D.

It might make more sense once you see it:

Good times. And just for grins, here’s the original video on which the bizarre short film is based:


Passion Pit remix of “Make Some Noise”:


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