old cds, used vinyl and talk talk

A few years ago, I purchased an old RCA hi fi off craigslist (that’s not it below, but you get the idea). After hauling the monstrosity across town a half dozen times trying to get it in working order, I finally resigned myself to the fact that — at least for now — it’s just a giant piece of furniture.

So what to do with the vinyl I’ve been collecting? I didn’t want to buy another turntable after all the money I sank into that solid state piece of shit. And then it hit me.. trade for one.

I don’t know about you, but all my CDs were ripped long ago and are just gathering dust. So I filled a grocery bag with discs I will never miss and traded them at my local used CD store for this:

It’s pretty basic, but it’s fully automatic and sounds so much better than that static spewing cabinet. Finally, I can listen to the warm tones and charming pops of vinyl after years of wanting.

I poured through many albums last night, but one stuck with me. If this exercise of turning lemons into lemonade has taught me anything, “Life’s What You Make It”:


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