farewell, lcd soundsystem

UPDATE: Broken video links fixed

In the beginning, James Murphy was LCD Soundsystem. But over the course of three albums and nonstop touring, LCD Soundsystem actually became a band — one of the more influential and impressive live bands of the early 21st century.

Sadly, that band called it quits Saturday night with an epic show of nearly 4 hours at Madison Square Garden. Perhaps it was overkill, or over their head, but the performance was a long hug goodbye to their fans, friends and each other.

Grammy winners Arcade Fire paid their respects, making a cameo appearance on “North American Scum” — even though Canadians have a far less scummy international reputation:

And how fitting of the occasion was “All My Friends”:

I hope this show will be available on DVD.. certainly it will. Since the heyday of new wave, no band has seized my attention like LCD and I’m sad to see them go. I respect Murphy’s desire to go out gracefully and move on to other projects, but this project was one that I completely identified with.

The embrace of organic sounds and old school synths mashed up with an unquestionably forward facing perspective. The cynicism matched with insecurity. The slow builds and epic highs. With LCD, Murphy truly was “Someone Great”:

Here’s the full setlist, via Billboard:

Set 1:
“Dance Yrself Clean”
“Drunk Girls”
“I Can Change
“Time to Get Away”
“Get Innocuous!”
“Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”
“Too Much Love”
“All My Friends”

Set 2:
45:33 Part One
45:33 Part Two (ft. Reggie Watts)
“Sound of Silver”
45:33 Part Four
45:33 Part Five (ft. Shit Robot)
45:33 Part Six
“Freak Out/Starry Eyes”

Set 3:
“Us V. Them”
“North American Scum” (ft. Régine Chassagne, Jeremy Garza, Win Butler, and Will Butler of Arcade Fire)
“Bye Bye Bayou” (Alan Vega cover)
“You Wanted A Hit”

Encore 1:
“Someone Great”
“Losing My Edge”

Encore 2:
“All I Want”
“Jump Into The Fire” (Harry Nilsson cover)
“New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”


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