twin shadow 'at my heels': the director's cut

One of old waver’s favorite releases of last year was the debut from Twin Shadow, Forget. George Lewis, Jr. has an ear for the new wave sound and presents it in a way that’s totally fresh.

He’s also got an ironic sense of humor, as demonstrated in the video for “Slow” and the new video for “At My Heels.”

The latter is presented as a DVD-style director’s commentary version of the video — a ridiculously low budget clip with concepts like “seeing into the blogosphere.”

There are several gems in the commentary, such as the reference to Lewis as the “Mexican Morrissey,” the technique of “an homage or idea of what it would be like to go viral within the video” and the reveal that “George worked diligently on learning Russian sign language”:

If you’d like to actually hear the song, here’s a live performance from the 4AD Sessions series:

Twin Shadow is on tour in the US through the beginning of May, so check out George and his hair at a club near you.


Here’s the video without the director’s commentary…


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