the raveonettes return with raven in the grave

A week from tomorrow, Danish duo The Raveonettes release album number five, Raven In The Grave.

From the cover art to the icy cold production, it appears Sune Rose Wagner and Sharon Foo have honed in on a sound and persona that are more focused and less indebted to 60’s surf rock.

While their old-school fans may be disappointed, from an old waver’s perspective this is a most welcome development. Wagner’s William Reid style chops and Foo’s soothing voice are tailor made for the updated turn on 80’s alternative that is Raven In The Grave.

“Forget That You’re Young” is a fine example of The Raveonettes softer side:

Moodier and reaching more exhilarating heights is “War In Heaven”:

Before you think you’ve got them all figured out, check out the fuzz bass and faraway echo of “Evil Seeds”:

And the driving bassline and tight two-part harmonies on “Ignite” are most excellent:

This is another album to file away in the early favorites of ’11. Consider me converted.. I’ll follow that raven emblazoned flag anywhere:


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