peter murphy spits roses

Peter Murphy is currently on the road, ahead of the June release of Ninth — the godfather of goth’s eighth full-length release. Something isn’t adding up here.

Regardless, this week saw the release of the lead single off the album, “I Spit Roses.” His sound is still somewhat dreary and mysterious, but it’s also a bit ballsier with more gritty guitars:

The b-side, “The Prince & Old Lady Shade” is the brighter and more anthemic of the two. Perhaps the single should have been flipped:

This old waver had the pleasure of seeing Murphy live on the current tour. I’m happy to report that he’s still got it — not his hair, but his chops — and at least on that night he was in surprisingly good spirits.

Do try to check him out if there’s a tour stop near you.


3 thoughts on “peter murphy spits roses

  1. Anonymous

    hm… I guess there are several albums that would fit to make this his 9th album…Dali's CaraLive Just for Love (live album)Recall (EP)Wild Birds (compilation)the last Bauhaus album?

  2. Anonymous

    1) Should the World Fail to Fall Apart2) Love Hysteria3) Deep4) Holy Smoke5) Alive Just for Love6) Unshattered7) Dust8)Cascade

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