m83 and tame impala daft punk remixes

Daft Punk made quite a stir last year with the score to Disney’s Tron redux. On April 5, a remix album will be released with plenty of big name producers and electronic acts attempting to turn Daft Punk’s relatively cinematic score into more dance floor ready jams.

According to Daft Punk’s former manager, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter had nothing to do with the project — but a little detail like that shouldn’t stand in the way.

See the full tracklist and the list of those who actually were involved below. One of the standout tracks is the M83 and Big Black Delta remix of “Fall”:

Also streaming over at Modular, is a Tame Impala remix exclusive to the Australian release. The psych-rockers added some drums and woozy keyboards to “End Of The Line,” making an already ominous track that much more engrossing:

Check out the full tracklist of the US version of Tron: Legacy Reconfigured:

  1. The Glitch Mob – Derezzed
  2. M83 VS Big Black Delta – Fall
  3. The Crystal Method – The Grid
  4. Teddybears – Adagio for TRON
  5. Ki:Theory – The Son of Flynn
  6. Paul Oakenfold – C.L.U.
  7. Moby – The Son of Flynn
  8. Boys Noize – End of Line (Boys Noize Remix)
  9. Kaskade – Rinzler
  10. Com Truise – Encom Part 2
  11. Photek – End of Line
  12. The Japanese Popstars – Arena
  13. Avicii – Derezzed
  14. Pretty Lights – Solar Sailer
  15. Sander Kleinenberg – TRON Legacy (End Titles)

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