the charlatans go acoustic with warm sounds

Throughout the month of March, Tim Burgess and Mark Collins of the Charlatans are doing an acoustic tour of the UK. To coincide with these unplugged gigs, they’ve released an EP entitled Warm Sounds.

The EP features re-workings of six of the band’s songs, half from the glory days and the other half from more recent albums — see the tracklist below. As they describe it:

“Both sophisticated and refined, the band has found inspiration in folky Byrds-esque harmonies and Johnny Cash style rockabilly.”

We’ll compare and contrast a couple of the classics from 1997’s Tellin Stories. First up, the stripped-down version of “North Country Boy”:

And here’s the original:

Certainly different, but not as much so as “One To Another”:

Now the Chemical Brothers influenced album version:

Warm Sounds is an interesting experiment, for sure. Here’s the full track listing:

  1. Smash The System
  2. The Only One I Know
  3. North Country Boy
  4. Oh! Vanity
  5. Blackened Blue Eyes
  6. One To Another

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