(the london) suede's triumphant return

Can’t really call it a reunion as guitarist Bernard Butler isn’t in the band ā€” but he has given his blessing to the resurgence of Suede, or The London Suede if you insist.

Next week, a digital version of The Best Of Suede will finally be released in the US. Also to come are expanded reissues of all five studio albums, beginning with their self-titled debut on May 30th. They’ll also be performing albums in full on a world tour that so far only has one US stop at Coachella.

That debut album was unstoppable, with Butler’s intricate guitar work and Brett Anderson’s overt sensuality. It was the glam side of Brit pop that couldn’t quite fend off the scousers of Oasis.

To this day, “Animal Nitrate” is still Suede’s calling card:

Watching the US version of the video for “The Drowners,” it’s hard to understand why they weren’t bigger in the states:

I suppose grunge had a bit to do with that, but this live performance of “So Young” from the Introducing The Band DVD shows Anderson and Suede could command a room:

Finally, here’s one from the time capsule. “Metal Mickey” from a circa 1993 appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

Welcome back, Suede. We missed you.


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