stream angles now: new strokes leaked

So far, all we’ve officially heard from The Strokes forthcoming album Angles is “Under Of Cover Of Darkness” — and “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight” from the band’s Saturday Night Live appearance.

Unofficially, “Machu Picchu,” “Taken For A Fool” and “You’re So Right” have all been leaked, but those leaks were quickly cleaned up by RCA.

Today, however, the whole damn thing is out there. It’s a full-on breach just a week before the official release date. While it lasts, we offer it to you to stream here. If this set dies, we’ll venture to find another one.

At first blush, the moody “Games” is a standout. “Two Kinds Of Happiness” has some fantastic classic Strokes guitar interplay. Also check out the old time rock-n-roll of “Gratisfaction” and the positively awesome album version of “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight”:



You can now also stream Angles on the band’s website.


4 thoughts on “stream angles now: new strokes leaked

  1. Anonymous

    Gratisfaction is Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel…..lame. This coming from the same band that aped Mandy by Barry Manilow on Razorblade from their last album. I expected much much better…..

  2. NAZgul

    I hope this is an unfinished leak or something.Some of these songs are a mess… and this is coming from a pretty die-hard Strokes fan

  3. Anonymous

    WHAT THE HELL???? How do you not like this? It's damn amazing. I love the strokes and I absolutely love this album.

  4. sal

    This is a solid album. And just a quick update to anyone looking for Someday pt. II and Last Night pt. II. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Yes this is a different sound from their debut album. Now, take a deep breath and take another listen or two. It wont' kill you. And can we please stop with listening to something once and saying it's terrible? Let's have a sliver of patience people. What do you say? And maybe we should also stop pretending like we are all top music executives, we are entitled to our opinion but let's not slather our statements in self importance. Thanks

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