watch british sea power's 'who's in control'

It’s been a couple months since the release of Valhalla Dancehall, fourth album from British Sea Power.

To coincide the the start of their US tour, Yan, Noble and the lads have released a video for “Who’s In Control.”  It follows a crew of hipster kids as they made tourist stops at a civil protest and an ironically political house party. To quote the press release:

“We are talking dope, guns and American Apparel underwear. So, hey, Mr Lukashenko, stick this in your pipe and the rest of your Belarus bully-boy stooges. Student Grant is in town and he be shouting “Wassup, naa mek mi vex, mon!” And then he beat you rough-rough right out the far side of Minsk.”

That’s your hint to not take it too seriously. Oh, and beware.. don’t press ‘play’ if you’re offended by pencil neck dork full frontal nudity:

Fascism can’t stop love, man.


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