omd kicks off us tour in nyc

Consummate old wavers OMD began a month long US tour in support of History Of Modern last night at Terminal 5 in New York City.

Originally scheduled at the 1,400 capacity Webster Hall, the show was moved to Terminal 5 where around 3,000 took in the sold out show. An old waver operative was in attendance taking copious notes, and youtuber aldovernal was rolling digital to bring you the clips you’ll see here.

According to our ears on the ground, Andy McCluskey seemed genuinely amazed by the reception and turn out — even getting a little choked up at the end before declaring they’ll definitely be back.

The crowd was an equal mix of old wavers and young kids, and both enthusiastically greeted the classics like “Enola Gay”:

Before breaking into Pretty In Pink‘s “If You Leave,” McCluskey cracked “we were doing great as an alternative band until we wrote this”:

McCluskey worked the stage like a cross between Molly Ringwald and David Byrne throughout the show. His quote, “my dancing wasn’t dignified 30 years ago — but I still do it.” Here’s the final encore “Electricity”:

See the full setlist below. The only complaints we heard were the prominence of syrupy ballad “Walking On The Milky Way” and the exclusion of “Secrets.” Regardless, we’re certainly glad they’re back.

  1. New Babies; New Toys
  2. Messages
  3. Tesla Girls
  4. Radio Waves
  5. History of Modern (Part 1)
  6. Forever Live and Die
  7. If You Leave
  8. Souvenir
  9. Joan of Arc
  10. Maid of Orleans
  11. New Holy Ground
  12. Green
  13. Talking Loud and Clear
  14. So in Love
  15. Sister Mary Says
  16. Locomotion
  17. Dreaming
  18. Sailing on the Seven Seas
  19. Enola Gay
  20. Encore: Walking on the Milky Way
  21. Encore: Electricity

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