holy ghost! debut lp and a new order homage

NYC electropop duo Holy Ghost! will release their self-titled debut album on April 26. Best known for their remixes of Phoenix, MGMT and Cut Copy, childhood buddies Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel are ready to take the DFA Records mantle from the soon-to-be-retired LCD Soundsystem.

Holy Ghost! has previously opened on the road for LCD Soundsystem and Chromeo, and will hook up with Cut Copy for a tour in mid-April. Listening to the debut, you can hear elements of each: the live drums and vintage synths of LCD, the slightly funky and sometimes silly hooks of Chromeo, and the dance floor filling mastery of Cut Copy.

Lead single and album opener “Do It Again” sets the tone with handclaps and a slow, slinking groove:

“Wait And See” demonstrates their pop song chops with soaring synths and a sing-along chorus:

And somehow, Holy Ghost! got THE Michael McDonald to provide some guest vocals on the album’s thumping closer “Some Children”:

If you’re not sold yet, here’s what hooked me. “I Will Come Back,” from the previously released Static On The Wire EP, features a video that is an almost shot-for-shot homage to New Order’s “Confusion”:

Here’s the underrated and extremely kickass original:

Pandered to again, but I like it.


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