raveonettes new video: 'recharge & revolt'

We’re a little over a month away from album number four from The Raveonettes. Raven In The Grave continues Sune Rose Wagner and Sharon Foo’s journey away from Jesus And Mary Chain inspired noise pop and toward the more delicate fuzz pop of M83.

Today, the Danish duo released a video for the single “Recharge & Revolt.” It’s soaring and sweet, with Wagner marching through the countryside carrying the flag for disillusioned youth:

(via Pitchfork)

Last month, the band floated “Forget That You’re Young” with Foo on vocals. Similarly winsome, it’s like a lost track from a unfinished John Hughes film:

Here’s the remainder of the Raven In The Grave tracklist:

  1. Recharge & Revolt
  2. War in Heaven
  3. Forget That You’re Young
  4. Apparitions
  5. Summer Moon
  6. Let Me on Out
  7. Ignite
  8. Evil Seeds
  9. My Time’s Up

From the sounds of it, this album will be right up this old waver’s alley. You can catch The Raveonettes on tour in the US through the end of May.


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