urge overkill return to rock with effigy

Here’s one out of nowhere. 90’s self-proclaimed rock gods Urge Overkill will return after a 16 year absence with Rock & Roll Submarine on May 10th.

Best known for their cover of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” on the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, they’ve been relatively quiet since the disappointing release of Exit The Dragon

For the comeback, songwriting duo King Roeser and Nash Kato are intact but there’s no Blackie O, who was kicked out of the band after being jailed on drug charges in ’95. Drummer Bonn Quast (Polvo, The Cherry Valence) and bassist Hadji Hodgkiss (Gaza Strippers) round out the new lineup.

Listening to new single “Effigy” they sound as vital as ever. You can just picture the glistening UO medallions hanging around their necks as they shred arena-ready riffs:

First album Jesus Urge Superstar or major label debut Saturation might be more well liked, but I’ve always been partial to The Supersonic Storybook. Check out “The Kids Are Insane” and “The Candidate” below and tell me I’m wrong:


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