the wombats fight depression

Previously, we highlighted the Jump Into The Fog EP in the lead up to The Wombats second album, This Modern Glitch.

The album release is still about two months away, but The Wombats have announced a digital EP that’ll be available April 11. The Anti-D EP features the title track/album cut, plus “I’m A Robot Like You,” “Dear Hamburg” and “Wonderful Distraction.”

While previous singles “Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)” and “Jump Into The Fog” had an electronic tinge, “Anti-D” is a nod to Britpop. Echoing The Verve and Blur at their grandest heights, it’s a somber plea to help level out your mood:

Also out there at the moment is another album track, performed live on the BBC Radio One Zane Lowe program. “Never Knew I Was A Techno Fan” ironically enough reintroduces guitar to The Wombats’ mix:

This Modern Glitch is shaping up to be a favorite in the summertime rotation. The official US release is April 26.


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