the strokes angling for attention

Early last month, The Strokes announced their return with the release of “Under Cover Of Darkness,” the lead single from upcoming fourth album Angles.

Last night, a video for said single debuted online. The clip is a knowing nod to their trust fund origins, with an odd, conducted performance at the end:

This on the heels of yesterday’s leak of the B-side of the single, “You’re So Right.”

It’s a slap in the face of anyone who assumed this album would simply be a rehashing of Is This It? The call and response vocals at 1:45 and the phased guitar sound that follows is some of the most off-kilter stuff The Strokes have ever done:

This is a big month for The Strokes. This weekend, they’re the musical guest on Saturday Night Live with host Miley Cyrus — that should be interesting. On March 22nd, the new record comes out, and the following Friday the boys have a homecoming show of sorts at Madison Square Garden.

Let’s party like it’s 2001.


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