art vs science discover the magic fountain

Cut Copy doesn’t have the market cornered on Australian synthpop. Add newcomers Art vs. Science to the mix, who will soon be headed to the states for SXSW and will release their US debut EP Magic Fountain on March 15.

Strangely enough, you can also find full length LP The Experiment on iTunes right now. But whatever.

The point is, this Aussie trio decided to form a band after seeing Daft Punk live and have risen to opening for The Chemical Brothers in their native land.

Listening to the single “Magic Fountain,” you can see why they’re a ready-made festival band — with colossal beats, explosive breaks and amusing vocals. Frontman Dan Mac’s narration may be jarring at first, but stick it out for the magic that happens after the sonic boom at 1:30:

For a more classic song structure, check out the power ballad “Finally See Our Way.” The song may be ever-so-slightly more subtle, but the video is in the same realm of absurdity:

For disposable fun, Art vs. Science has the formula down.


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