catching up with the cloud nothings

Cleveland 20-year-old Dylan Baldi famously dropped out of college to play his first show as Cloud Nothings, opening up for indie stalwarts Woods and Real Estate in Brooklyn. Since that day in December ’09, he’s been touring non-stop and building a steady internet buzz for his pubescent power pop.

Recorded entirely by Baldi, Cloud Nothings self-titled full length debut was released last month on Carpark Records. It shares an appreciation for the college rock of the 90’s with the likes Yuck and Wavves, but with more wide-eyed innocence.

Think of Baldi as an ADD J. Mascis or a long lost nephew of Superchunk.

His most precise power pop composition is “Should Have.” The accompanying video seems to wonder what it would be like if indie teens held their pleasure centers in their braids — like a really low budget Avatar:

Album opener “Understand It All” is crammed full of hooks — and has a video full of nonsense — too:

Less frenetic and more contemplative is the downright pretty “Forget You All The Time”:

Currently on tour in the UK, Cloud Nothings will be back in the states soon for a showcase at South By Southwest and several dates with labelmates Toro Y Moi. Buy the kid a beer, won’t you?


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