meet the minks by the hedge

Minks are another Brooklyn collective; fronted by multi-instrumentalist Sean Kilfoyle, backed by a rotating cast, and joined by Chanel model turned singer Amalie Bruun.

As the story goes, Kilfoyle liked an early release from Wild Nothing on New York label Captured Tracks so much that he immediately wrote some songs, shared them with the label and got signed. A couple of 7″ singles, some sold-out shows, and suddenly they’re on the road opening up for Dum Dum Girls.

Listening to debut album By The Hedge, released last month, the obvious influence of The Cure leaps out first. The hollow, distant mix and prominent bass guitar give the album the sound and texture of a long lost demo from 1983.

When Kilfoyle handles the singing, it’s dissonant and reverb drenched — a stark contrast to the breathy, shoegaze vocals of Bruun.

The tune that got them noticed, and is still their calling card, is the instantly nostalgic “Funeral Song”:

“Ophelia” shows an Echo And The Bunnymen style gift for melody:

Add a little early My Bloody Valentine to the mix and you get “Cemetary Rain”:

Are the Minks derivative? Absolutely. But Kilfoyle and company do it in a way that’s genuine and respectful. Check out this in-studio version of “Funeral Song” from Newtown Radio and you’ll see there’s no hipster posturing — just a common love of the music we love:


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