omd enola gay flashback

As I was purchasing my trenta iced coffee (don’t judge) at Starbucks this morning, a familiar keyboard line hung in the air. It took a moment and then I realized, that’s “Enola Gay”!

I’d like to personally shake the hand of the music director at Starbucks for taking a break from James Blunt and Colbie Caillat long enough to share the OMD classic with the morning drive masses.

To pay it forward, I’d like to share it with you. There’s a fine live version out there, but I’ll stick with the studio track. Boy Andy McCluskey looks young:

As a bonus, here’s McCluskey and Paul Humphreys from the wonderful BBC documentary “Synth Britannia.” At 1:33 you’ll see the original mail-order Korg on which “Enola Gay” was written:

You may now carry on with your day enriched and informed.


One thought on “omd enola gay flashback

  1. Anonymous

    I'm flooded with memories of perching atop our Montgomery Ward stationary bike, pedaling like a fool, flipping through the Commander Salamander catalog and listening to OMD at top volume.

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