cut copy, need you now and sports confusion

If you haven’t yet picked up Cut Copy‘s third full length, Zonoscope, it’s well worth your trouble. A slow burn compared to the often euphoric In Ghost Colours, it’s a headphones album that invites exploration of the many layers and textures woven throughout. Check out our assessment here.

Today, Stereogum premiered the video for Zonoscope‘s opener, “Need You Now.” I never thought of Cut Copy as a Jock Jams contender, but this video ponders the possibility of athletes of all stripes charging into competition to the sweet strains of synthpop.

As the video progresses, sports confusion adds to the absurdity: a baseball pitcher with a bowling ball, a hockey player with a tennis racket, etc. Finally, these figurative warriors take the term literally and a melee breaks out.

A limp ending somewhat spoils the fun, but it’s amusing enough. Oh, and speaking of limp.. watch out for flying junk at :36.


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