babylon zoo in mom jeans from outer space!

Way back in 1995, there was a massive blip on the radar over in the UK. No, it wasn’t a UFO sighting — it was the explosive debut of “Spaceman” by Babylon Zoo.

The single from newcomer Jas Mann was bought before it was sold, tapped for a Levi’s commercial in Britain. Watching this 1995 version of the future is about as ridiculous as a “home of tomorrow” from the World’s Fair:

Propelled by that alien minx in her mom jeans, “Spaceman” rocketed to #1 on the UK singles chart — and followed suit in 23 other countries.

The ad is decieving, as it only borrows from the song’s intro. The actual track is considerably more glammed out:

Subsequent album The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes went platinum in the UK, but sadly “Spaceman” was a one-hit wonder. Follow up King Kong Groover failed to chart. With a title like that, it’s hard to believe.

Still, I always wanted to go into space, man. Even if it is super gay.


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