the strokes return under cover of darkness

It’s been more than five years since The Strokes issued First Impressions Of Earth to decidedly mixed reviews. It was the work of a band who desperately wanted to distance from their “sound” but weren’t exactly sure how.

In the aftermath of the album’s relative failure, Julian, Albert, Fab and the fellas went their separate ways for what was termed a “much needed break.” Now enough time has passed for fans to become restless for new material, and for The Strokes to be comfortable being themselves.

Today — and for the next 48 hours — The Strokes are offering “Under The Cover Of Darkness” as a free download. It’s the first single from fourth album Angles, due out March 22.

It’s a calculated return to form, with the classic Strokes time signatures, angular guitars and Julian’s croon. Everything they do best, approached with the freshness of an extended layoff:

(via SKOA)

Angles will feature 10 songs, each a collaboration of five distinct viewpoints shaped by five years apart.

  1. Machu Picchu
  2. Under Cover of Darkness
  3. Two Kinds of Happiness
  4. You’re So Right
  5. Taken For A Fool
  6. Games
  7. Call Me Back
  8. Gratisfaction
  9. Metabolism
  10. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

If they can recapture even half of the enthusiasm and immediacy of Is This It, it will be a resounding victory.


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