shapeshifting with young galaxy

Montreal’s Young Galaxy have transformed themselves with Shapeshifting — out tomorrow on Paper Bag Records.

The trio of former shoegazers has dialed down the guitars and dialed in a colder, more detached sound for their third full-length.

Recorded in Montreal, the tracks were sent to Sweden for production touches from Dan Lissvik of experimental duo Studio. The result is a spacious album that references electronic music pioneers Eurythmics and New Order while sounding every bit as up to date as electropop peers Ladytron or The Radio Dept.

“The Angels Are Surely Weeping” is a terrific place to start, with echo chamber vocals, deliberate handclaps and curious keyboard samples:

The first official single, “We Have Everything”, has an official video that’s reminiscent of “Paranoid Android” with rudimentary animation and inexplicable mysticism:

“Cover Your Tracks” is another standout, with a tropical chillwave vibe:

Finally, “Peripheral Visionaries” shows Young Galaxy haven’t forsaken songwriting for studio trickery:

Shapeshifting is a bold — if predictable — move for Young Galaxy, but it is a well crafted record that feels more organic than contrived. First impressions tab it as a grower. We’ll see…


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