cold cave free download

At the beginning of April, Wesley Isold’s Cold Cave will release Cherish The Light Years to follow up the somewhat divisive Love Comes Close.

That debut album was acclaimed by many, but Cold Cave was also panned by others as yet another Joy Division tribute band. The new album goes beyond that narrow sonic palette and demonstrates some ambitious artistic growth.

As he shared on the band’s blog, Isold went through his past panning for gold to seek inspiration for Cherish The Light Years:

“I spent the months before recording visiting old homes and record stores and small towns and cities I grew up in. I went to Boston, Philly, Portland and Brunswick Maine, Virginia Beach, San Diego, Monterrey, and more to soak in the nostalgia, some version of research for the record.”

A listen to new single “The Great Pan Is Dead” shows that broader sense of nostalgia. There’s a My Bloody Valentine wall of guitars, New Order keyboard lines, Jarvis Cocker crooning and Robert Smith wails:

You can download a high-quality mp3 and get special artwork via the link below:

It certainly is an evolution from the title song of the last album — a track one YouTube user called “a great cover of ‘Tempation'”:

If you like synthpop cold and your drum machines loud, make sure you catch Cold Cave on tour with The Kills this spring.


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