snow day: cocteau twins sunburst and snowblind

As the winter weather creeps across the lower 48, many of us are holed up with blankets, DVD box sets and bowls of chicken noodle soup.

But if you’re all caught up on Dexter and just feel like staring out the window, what better accompaniment to the frigid bleakness than the 1983 Cocteau Twins EP Sunburst And Snowblind?

Squeezed between the full length Head Over Heels and the compilation The Pink Opaque, this was beginning of mid-period Cocteau Twins, when they had grown beyond their goth origins but hadn’t yet discovered a taste for pop-friendly melody.

Here’s an early TV performance of the classic “From The Flagstones”:

Another enduring favorite from Sunburst and Snowblind is “Sugar Hiccup”:

Finally, how’s about a live Peel Session version of the haunting “Hitherto”:

I find the Cocteau Twins on a snowy day are like hot chocolate spiked with Bailey’s. Soul warmingly delicious.


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