yuck the 90's

As we’ve happily noted here at old waver, there have been plenty of shoegaze and synthpop revivalists of late. Stands to reason that as millennial kids rifle through old record collections, the return of 90’s indie rock is also on the way.

London’s Yuck have absorbed the likes of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., Teenage Fanclub, Superchunk and Neutral Milk Hotel to create their own brand of last century nostalgia.

Fronted by 20-year-old Daniel Blumberg, Yuck features a drummer from New Jersey and a bass player from Japan. This motley outfit drops their self titled debut on February 15, and it’s already receiving a fair share of good press.

Perfectly paired with fellow youngsters and labelmates Smith Westerns on a U.S. tour, Yuck will win over old folks like myself with their faithful homage to Mascis style shredding and lo-fi Malkmus inspired arrangements.

Check out the video for lead single “Georgia”:

“Sunday” shows Yuck’s tender side, which would be right at home on TFC’s Grand Prix:

“Shook Down” is a slow burner with a crunchy solo to wrap things up:

Finally, album opener “Get Away” is like stepping into a time machine, destination 1992:

Yuck are certainly ones to watch in 2011. Blumberg told Pitchfork when he first heard Pavement “I.. just sort of shat myself.” Now he’s trying to fill those britches. So to speak.


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