the joy formidable ready to roar

The Welsh trio The Joy Formidable have been gathering momentum in the UK for three years now. Now, singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan, her boyfriend/bassist Rhydian Dafydd and third wheel/drummer Matt Thomas are ready to break out with debut album The Big Roar, due out in the U.S. in March.

A mix of 90’s arena rock, dream pop and swirling shoegaze guitars — with Bryan’s powerful pixie voice out front — The Joy Formidable have a pretty astounding crossover appeal.

In 2010, they worked the UK festival circuit appearing at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds. This spring, they’ll undertake a coast-to-coast U.S. tour including stops at SXSW and Coachella.

The Big Roar is a bigger, richer evolution of 2009’s mini album A Balloon Called Moaning, which was recorded in Bryan and Dafydd’s bedroom. Four of those songs were re-recorded for the proper album, including “Whirring”:

The band unintentionally made news back in 2008 when an unofficial video for “Austere” was pulled from YouTube for implied and often creepy depictions of “self gratification”:

Try to get those images out of your head with the official video for the epic and explosive “I Don’t Want To See You Like This”:

With just enough edge to get indie snobs interested and the hooks to get spins on “alternative” radio, The Big Roar should reward The Joy Formidable with a very big 2011.


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