discodeine takes the edge off

French duo Discodeine are set to release their debut album next month. Pilooski and Pentile, as they prefer to be known, have been building a resume with remixes of LCD Soundsystem, Mystery Jets and others.

Their self-titled affair is about “club music and intensity, voodoo, chicago house, futuristic disco, jackin’ techno, analog basslines, ring modulation, krautdisco, mascarpone and chianti.”

As the duo’s name, and the video for “Synchronize” featuring Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker suggest — it’s also about drugs:

“Antiphonie” is a slow build with an eerie harpsichord opening and an ending cacophony of synth leads:

Finally, “Singular” featuring Matias Aguayo is like a slow pour of molasses, further enhanced with a bizarre video cut from the 1959 film Green Mansions:

Now where’s that bottle of Robitussin…


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