the horrors invade vatican city

Garage rockers turned shoegaze revivalists The Horrors are expected to return with the follow up to Primary Colours later this year. Until then, lead singer Faris Badwan has focused his energies on a side project with classically trained siren, Rachel Zeffira.

Cat’s Eyes will release a debut EP, Broken Glass, in late February, to be followed by a self-titled LP in April.

Back in December, Cat’s Eyes performed “I Knew It Was Over” at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City of all places. Evidently Zeffira had performed there before and got permission to serenade an afternoon mass attended by seven “high-ranking cardinals.”

Badwan told NME that “the cardinals were totally into it.”

Several friends of the band snuck cameras in past security to capture the footage used in this unusual and effective video:

You can visit the band’s website for a free download of “Not A Friend”, an equally beautiful track:

Quite a departure for Badwan, who calls Cat’s Eyes “something I can do at the same time as The Horrors yet be totally different with.”  Different is good, as long as he doesn’t forget how to kick out jams like this one:


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