vampire weekend vs the black keys

Satirical genius Stephen Colbert took home a Grammy last year for his Christmas album, A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All. That victory apparently affords him the privilege of voting for this year’s Grammy winners, to be announced February 13.

He did a terrific bit on last night’s Colbert Report, filling out his Grammy ballot on the air. Packed with a ton of punch lines about the music industry — “these days no one pays for music anymore.. it’s gone the way of pornography” — the sketch culminates with his vote for Best Alternative Music Album.

Torn between Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys, Colbert invites Ezra Koening and The Black Keys on set to make their case. The debate turns into a “sell-out off”, with each band showing commercials they’ve sold songs to — something we chided Vampire Weekend for a few months ago.

Watch the clip below. The confrontation begins around 4:30, but the whole bit is inspired:

“Clearly you have both equally whored out your music.” Nice.


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