gatekeeper keeps the 80's alive

Industrial innovators Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle probably weren’t spending their down time watching grainy VHS slasher flicks and playing 8-bit video games. But if they had, they probably would’ve sounded a lot more like Gatekeeper.

This Brooklyn/Chicago duo just dropped their second release, an EP entitled Giza. Much like last year’s debut Optimus Maximus, it’s rich with retro synths and the foreboding sense that someone’s about to get cut.

Opening track “Chains” is a good indication of their skinemax slasher soundtrack style:

The title track of the EP summons visions of a desperate loner speeding across a post-apocalyptic highway or a Miami Vice styled vampire stalking his prey in a crowded neon-lit nightclub:

For a more literal idea of what Gatekeeper are going for, here’s the “video” for “Visions” off Optimus Maximus:

Spooky, eh?


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