hardcore will never die, but you will: mogwai preview

Scot post-rock icons Mogwai will release their 7th(!) full length album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will on February 15th. Sounds like a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.

As albums these days are wont to do, it has leaked ahead of its release date. While not as epic as Come On Die Young or Rock Action, Mogwai’s latest effort is more engaging and dynamic than 2008’s The Hawk Is Howling.

First, let’s have a listen to the cinematic and anthemic “White Noise”:

For a harder edge, here’s what will certainly become a Mogwai live staple, “San Pedro”:

“Mexican Grand Prix” features some Stereolab style keyboards and Mogwai’s trademark “vocals”:

Finally, it’s worth revisiting the unofficial video for “How To Be A Werewolf”. As we mentioned last month, filmmaker Antony Crook captured world-record-holding cyclist James Bowthorpe on the roads of the Norwegian countryside. The result is a beautiful and inspirational work of art:

Happy New Year!


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