dallas: shoegaze capital of the southwest

You might not expect a nu-gaze scene in Dallas. In fact, compared to I-35 neighbors Austin and Denton, you probably don’t expect much at all. To dispel those nasty prejudices, here are a couple of Dallas shoegaze revivalists that deserve a spin.

First is Little Black Dress, who emulate Creation-era shoegaze down to album art-direction and video cinematography. Check out the Slowdive reverb in the title track to their debut album Snow In June:

To gauge LBD’s pop sensibilities, here’s the dynamic and dramatic “Robin”:

For a more soft-loud approach to shoegaze, there’s Menkena. Dallas by way of Brooklyn, Menkena breaks out acoustic drone and then crushes the chorus in “Rocketships” from debut album With You I’ll Travel due out next month:

Nothing like classic NASA footage to add some space to your rock.

Now that you’re primed, maybe it’s a good time to dig up that old Chapterhouse record. Keep shoegaze alive.. thanks to Dallas for doing its part.


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