joy division singles and rarities

As mentioned yesterday, the Recycle: Joy Division & New Order blog has taken on the task of remastering and making available every single in the catalog of those transcendent bands.

To recreate these singles in a digital format, they’ve painstakingly sourced the earliest available recordings — some vinyl, some CD and some from low-generation cassette. The New Order singles were pretty faithful to the originals with a few extra remixes thrown in for good measure.

The Joy Division singles are less essential considering the recent release of the +- Singles Box and the 2001 box set Heart & Soul. However, the addition of some rare demos and live versions definitely make things interesting.

First up is “Warsaw” from the 1978 EP An Ideal For Living. This recording comes from the Japanese version of Substance:

Next is a 1979 demo of “Digital” that they’ve kindly added to the retooling of A Factory Sample EP:

Another rare addition is this early version of “Transmission” uncovered on cassette by someone close to the band:

And last, but not least, the gents at Recycle: Joy Division & New Order have reimagined the 1988 “Atmosphere” single as a live EP featuring performances from a January 1980 Paradiso, Amsterdam gig “directly from Dutch radio”. Here’s a lovely version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” – as long as you can forgive Hooky’s sloppiness:

Thank you, good sirs, thank you.


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