beady eye, gorillaz and klaxons holiday giveaway grab bag

As mentioned before the holiday, several musical treats were to be delivered over the weekend. To follow up, here’s what Santa uploaded for you to enjoy…

First up, Liam Gallagher’s new band, Beady Eye, unveiled a video yesterday — Boxing Day — for “Four Letter Word” off the upcoming debut entitled Different Gear, Still Speeding. It’s a straight-ahead rocker in the vein of “Headshrinker” off the underrated Oasis B-sides collection, The Masterplan, with plenty of Liam’s trademark sneer:

Next up, Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz issued The Fall, a “15 track sonic journal” of the band’s recent US tour. You can stream the full album here if you’re willing to join the mailing list, or you can download it if you’re a member of the Sub Division fan club.

Recorded entirely on an iPad, it features guest appearances from Mick Jones and Bobby Womack. Don’t go in expecting too much though, it’s a lot of electronic wankery as the video for “Phoner To Arizona” indicates:

Finally, the Klaxons have dug up some old material that was recorded between Myths Of The Near Future and Surfing The Void. You can download the 5-song EP Landmarks Of Lunacy for free with absolutely no strings.

Klaxons were sent back to the drawing board by Polydor during recording of Surfing The Void, so odds are tracks like “The Pale Blue Dot” were among those rejected:

So there you have it. Kinda like a Christmas fruitcake…  you’re grateful to have it, but you probably won’t enjoy it.


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