merry smithsmas! bootleg smiths outtakes surface


One last post before the holiday, and this one just made my year. New rare and previously unheard Smiths outtakes have been posted on the web for all to enjoy.

As reported by Slicing Up Eyeballs, a bootleg compilation entitled Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals was ripped from vinyl and posted on the Morrissey Solo message board earlier this week.

With tracks from the Meat Is Murder, Queen Is Dead and Strangeways Here We Come sessions, it’s a treasure trove of material. Apparently, the songs were assembled for a best-of compilation by Warner Brothers that never saw the light of day.

The tracklist is below, and a brilliant explanation of the origin of each track can be found on the Extra Track (and a tacky badge) blog:

  1. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
  2. Reel Around The Fountain
  3. Rusholme Ruffians
  4. The Queen Is Dead
  5. Sheila Take A Bow
  6. This Night Has Opened My Eyes
  7. Untitled One (Marr Instrumental)
  8. Ask
  9. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
  10. Is It Really So Strange?
  11. Frankly, Mr. Shankly
  12. Shoplifters Of The World Unite (Reprise)
  13. Girlfriend In A Coma
  14. Death Of A Disco Dancer
  15. Paint A Vulgar Picture
  16. Untitled Two (Marr Instrumental)

Extra kudos to Slicing Up Eyeballs for posting select tracks for streaming online. First is a reggae-tinged take on “Girlfriend In A Coma”:

Here’s an early version of the Meat Is Murder classic “Rusholme Ruffians”:

And finally, here’s “Untitled 1” — otherwise known as “I Misses You” — recorded at the tail end of the Meat Is Murder sessions:

It’s a Christmas miracle!


The original vinyl rip of this Smiths bootleg — and the clips above — were accidentally ripped in mono. Now, thanks to The Power Of Independent Trucking blog, they have been remastered in stereo.

Lossless FLAC files have been posted here, if you’re interested in the new, fancy hi-fi version.


One thought on “merry smithsmas! bootleg smiths outtakes surface

  1. Giamby

    I was fortunate enough to see The Smiths at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago in 1986. I was utterly amazed by the crowd’s reaction when they played this song. Couples were gazing lovingly into each others eyes and singing the lyrics to one another. Simultaneously blissful and surreal.

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