holiday treats from gorillaz and klaxons

After you’re finished unwrapping gifts Christmas morning, jump on your laptop and download some virtual presents from Gorillaz and Klaxons.

First off, Damon Albarn has announced that The Fall, referred to as a “15 track sonic journal” of the band’s recent US tour, will be made available free to members of the Gorillaz Sub Division fan club. The album will also get a physical release sometime in early 2011.

Recorded entirely on an iPad, it’s a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks — some Albarn solo and others collaborative.  Here’s a quick teaser of the video for The Fall’s “Phoner To Arizona”:

Meanwhile, the Klaxons, who made news last month with their NSFW video for “Twin Flames”, will release a free EP Christmas Day.

Landmarks Of Lunacy is a 5-song follow-up to Surfing The Void, but it was actually recorded prior to that album back in 2008.

Produced by James Ford, who recorded the band’s debut Myths Of The Near Future, it will be gifted to anyone who cares to visit

The quality isn’t the greatest, but here’s a live performance of one of the 5 tracks entitled “Silver Forest”:

Merry Christmas, fellow old wavers!


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