cut copy cuts new single

Australian synthpop maestros Cut Copy are set to release the follow up to In Ghost Colours early next year.

Zonoscope will be Cut Copy’s third full length, and if early returns are correct it appears to find a happy medium between the grandeur of In Ghost Colours and the krautrock of Bright Like Neon Love.

Lead single “Take Me Over” gets a digital release today with a vinyl 12″ to come in the near future. It has a nice break around 2:49, but doesn’t reach for the heights of say “Lights And Music”:

For another peek at Zonoscope, check out “Where I’m Going” which was released over the summer:

And if that’s not enough Cut Copy for you today, let’s go back to a b-side on the 2008 “Far Away” EP.

“Sands Of Time” was written after In Ghost Colours but would have fit in nicely. This fan-made video of sand art (get it?) is pretty danged amazing:


2 thoughts on “cut copy cuts new single

  1. Kenn

    "Take Me Over" has a "Land Down Under" vibe to it. Makes sense in an Aussie homage sort of way. I heard "Where I'm Going" a few months ago and would have sworn Gary Glitter wrote it.

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