echoes of the bunnymen


Of all the great bands of the 80’s, Echo and the Bunnymen are arguably one of the best yet they receive perhaps the least attention.

From Crocodiles to Porcupine and the fantastic self-titled classic, Ian McCulloch, Will Sergeant and their Liverpudlian mates created some of the most timeless albums of the era.

While the reformed band’s new material doesn’t quite hold up, they still have the verve and presence live that they had back in the day. And if you’ve ever seen them live, you know that the albums — great as they are — don’t do them justice.

Today, let’s enjoy a few classic performances of some Bunnymen favorites; “Do It Clean”, “Never Stop” and “Killing Moon”:


One thought on “echoes of the bunnymen

  1. David M

    howdy Old Waver. glad you called their self-titled record fantastic. that one in particular has been infinitely rewarding for me. love how Ian & Will have maintained their quality over the years. Electrafixion, What Are You Going To Do With Your Life, Siberia… and Yes…the live shows!! the boys are a little more puffy than before but maintain all their charisma. Love It!!

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