liam's beady eye

Oasis wanted to be the Beatles, but Liam Gallagher’s new band Beady Eye is more of an homage to the Rolling Stones.

From the December’s Children style band photo to the sloppy barroom sound, Beady Eye is a throwback to the flip side of the British Invasion.

Formed from the remnants of Oasis, sans Noel, the new band gives Liam, guitarists Gem Archer and Andy Bell (Ride), drummer Chris Sharrock (The La’s, World Party) and new bassist Jeff Wootton (Gorillaz) the freedom to explore beyond Oasis’ established Britpop template.

The debut album will arrive in early 2011, but the first single, “Bring The Light”, was released today as a free download. A special vinyl pressing of just 4,000 copies will be available November 22 with b-side “Sons Of The Stage”.

As you’ll hear, Liam has ditched a bit of the sneer and has some nice interplay with his soulful backup singers:

If you dug that, download it here for a birthdate and an email address:

Mad fer it!


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