super furry shark ridden waters

This is an actual conversation had at a Starbucks whilst wearing a Super Furry Animals shirt: 

Clerk:  “Super Furry Animals?!”

Me:     “It’s the name of a band.”

Clerk:  “Oh, you have a band?”

Me:     “No, they’re from Wales.”

Clerk:  “Whales ain’t furry!”

I tell this story to awkwardly lead into the latest offering from SFA frontman Gruff Rhys. Yesterday on his personal website, otherwise known as The Gruffington Post, Gruff posted a download of “Shark Ridden Waters”.

Available for the price of an email address, it’s a jaunty little number that edges his solo work back toward the psychedelic territory occupied by his proper band:

Shark Ridden Waters by oldwaver

If you like it, here’s a quick way to get it:

And if you’re wondering what’s up with the Chewbacca costumes in the photo, here you go:


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