trip with tame impala

Australia’s Tame Impala have garnered a healthy blog following since the release of their debut album, Innerspeaker, back in May. The album was mixed by former Mercury Rev bassist Dave Fridmann, who is best known for his work with The Flaming Lips and MGMT.

It’s an interesting cross between the neo-psychedilia of say Super Furry Animals and the earnestly authentic psych-rock of fellow Aussies Wolfmother.

Check out the rolling drums and dripping reverb on “Alter Ego”:

Tame Impala – Alter Ego by defacto

Lead single “Solitude Is Bliss” has a lovely guitar riff and a pretty random video. Don’t worry, he didn’t really punch the dog:

Finally, take some Dramamine and enjoy the video for “Lucidity”. Shot outside Melbourne, the band are only in it for the first few frames before the weather balloon mounted camera launches into the stratosphere.

After a dizzying ascent, the balloon pops and the camera parachutes back to earth, eventually becoming prey to a very confused eagle:

Here’s hoping you have a blissed out weekend.


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